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Air fryers are rapidly gaining popularity among lovers of delicious and healthy food. This devices allow frying a variety of products without excessive amount of fats.

About Air Frying

It should be said that fried food over the centuries has been a great headache for both doctors and ordinary Americans.

First, a huge amount of oil increases the concentration of fat, most of fried products are traditionally called high-calorie fast food.
Secondly, the process of heating changes in the structure of the oil and a variety of undesirable for the human health chemicals appears in the food. They also speed up the process of obesity.

Thirdly, no matter how high-quality is your oil for frying, it promotes the appearance in the food of trans-fats. The longer oil is used, the more trans fats appears in the fried product.

Fourthly, fried food becomes less useful for health, because boiling oil reduces amount of many useful substances. Actually, that’s why experts recommend ordering in restaurants Rare steaks.

Fifth, we easily cope with boiled, dried, raw, and even frozen food. However, fried foods often provoke digestive system disorders.

Healthy nutrition experts for decades tried to find an alternative to a frying pan / deep-fryer with boiling oil, but the maximum they achieved is a primitive toaster that can only fry pieces of bread. Neither microwaves, nor cultivars, nor pans with non-stick coating could completely replace the oil.

The first air fryer - Maxson Oven
The first air fryer – Maxson Oven, 1945

The first Air Fryer appeared on the market in 2010 and almost immediately was sent for revision. People complained that the food remained raw, become burned or tasteless.

Long years of perfection of the devices led to the creation of many effective air fryers, and competition in the field of household appliances removed from the market manufacturers substandard devices.

How Does Air Fryer Works?

The Air Fryer is electrical device that looks like enlarged kettle with a drawer. You put raw or frozen food in it, set the cooking mode on the electronic display, press the button and the food starts to grill. Because the products are in a reticulated container, hot air blows them almost through (wiki). Nevertheless, many air fryer manufacturers advise to take out the container once a few minutes and shake the products in it (the same thing you do with the food in the pan so that it does not burn out).

The main disadvantage of air frying is the duration of the process. Sometimes it takes from 4 to 5 times longer than frying in a skillet with a lot of oil. However, the minuses end there and the final result exceeds all expectations. The food turns out tasty and fried without a single drop of oil. Yes, some Air Fryers contain the option of adding oil, but it needs about five times less than in a frying pan. The oil dissolves in a stream of hot air and covers a fried product with a thin invisible layer.

As statistics show, nine out of ten Americans buy an air fryer solely for cooking delicious potatoes. They take raw potatoes (there is no need to take the skins off), cut it with traditional French-cut slices, add pepper and salt, and sent it to an air fryer. Half an hour – and a beautiful dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner is ready.

In fact, Air Fryer allows you to make the world’s first useful French-frize. Top of the most popular products for cooking in the air fryer includes semi-finished products sold in frozen condition (chicken legs and wings, mozzarella-sticks, squid rings, fish sticks, etc.), vegetables (especially good broccoli, cauliflower , aubergines, zucchini, etc.), as well as meat and fish.

In particular, the Air Fryer makes an excellent chicken breast, which, after frying in a frying pan with oil, often turns dry and stiff. A special place in the list of products for an air fryer is occupied by eggs. As a rule, they are fried in special containers, which in most cases comes with Air Fryer. Thus, the device helps to make a classic American breakfast (eggs, bacon / sausages, potatoes) in the hot air. As a result, for breakfast alone you can reduce your calorie intake by 200-300 calories.

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